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Post by EzraelDavis on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:09 pm

The following scripture is a canon sample of Illum Vex RP content:

The area is poorly lit, with the esoteric lamps filled with enigmatic energy generating a neon blue glimmering light which glimmers in a dim manner. It's night, the stars barely able to be seen in the sky due to all the lighting in the city by either magic, or arcane usage. A young man in dark attire could be seen standing six feet tall, his frame slender and athletic, short hair but long enough to pull which reaches the back of his neck. The young man isn't armed, wearing a dark hued scholar tunic, and eyes that glimmer a gold hue as lightly steps to the entrance of the underground ruins. The city itself never seems to sleep, the sounds of guards marching the streets, then a sudden cry from which pierces the night sounding as if it came from a mere youthful toddler. The young man turns his head to the direction where he heard the cry to see a mother scolder her child and yanking at the boy's wrist as she demands "Never go into that place EVER, do you understand me young man!" The child only cries as he's tugged away by the clearly shaken up mother. The young man's right hand raises slowly to form a tightly clenched fist, gazing to the entrance of the  underground ruins as to feel an ominous presence lingering from within. "I don't see why people are so startled about these ruins, but I can't let a few ghost stories scare me from my path to power."

The young man grind's his teeth as a determined expression forms upon the light skinned brown face of his, pacing into the ruins without hesitation the sound of his feet shifting against the marble steps as he descends down into the ruins. To the human eye it is so dark in this location that one could not even see their hand in front of their face. However, this scholar came prepared with a torch, igniting the torch with some sort of electrical ability, a sudden crackle and then the marble corridors become visible. The young man could only widen his eyes in awe at the sight of all the ancient markings and symbols on the marble white walls, gasping from the sheer magnificence of the ruins and it's hieroglyphics. To the young man's surprise there is a shady hooded figure which looms in the far corner of the next room, barely able to see it properly; the only reason the youthful scholar is able to actually the figure is due to the glowing orange irises it has. The scholar then calls out to the figure, "State your name, I don't want to hurt you in this place!" The scholar warns, as he stands firmly in place. The dark, cloaked figure slowly paces to into the room in a ghostly manner as the flame illuminates it's silhouette to reveal what looks like an old man in a hood which conceals the top half of his face, merely displaying his nose and lips. The old man stops just feet away from the scholar, to set his left hand on a near by marble wall which causes the incantations on the wall to glow crimson for a moment. "I… can feel it in you, you child, have remarkable power." The raspy voice of the old man slithers through the winkled lips of his, as he smirks to reveal metallic, mirror-like teeth.

The scholar's eyes could only narrow in curiosity, as he mutters back "Yeah, if you say so old man, get out of my way you homeless man." The scholar spoke with much annoyance, and the elderly being could only release gasp-like laughter almost sounding as if he's choking to death. "Homeless, accurate statement, though I can see in those eyes of yours. You lust for power, you desire forces that you cannot comprehend. So I have a lesson in history about the shifting of power, one which you may find useful… boy." This old man now had the scholar's full attention as he mutters once again and gazes to the glowing markings on the wall. "Speak, before I walk away." The elderly man's pale, wrinkly hand pulls away from the wall as he nods in approval his lips parting while walking farther into the darkness of the ruins. "Have you ever heard of The Tragedy Of Rah Apophis, The Leviathan?" The old man asks calmly, as the scholar shakes his head and mutters "No, I haven't." The old man smirking even harder with those wrinkly, pale lips of his begins to tell the story. "Rah Apophis was a being who was so great, that once few thousand years he could meditate great celestial forces to tame an entire star, commanding and manipulating it to do what he wished. However, there is immense cost for such power, going into slumber for as long as he used the star's power to his benefit. He used this ancient power, and orchestrated the star to expand in such a manner till where it could no longer maintain itself. The purpose, to shift the balance of an entire war to his benefit, destroying an entire solar system to place immense fear into near by solar systems which housed his enemies."

Hearing what the old man spoke of, the scholar's eyes widen at the thought, imagining all that the man spoke of to ask curiously. "How does one obtain this power? Is in within these ruins?!" The old man stops pacing into the darkness to stop at a tomb, and chuckle in a sinister manner. "This power can be gathered by the purest hatred in the universe, and you will not find the power within these ruins boy. The power can only be used by those apart of a lineage that is aligned with Rah himself, and is of Ether Six, only then the power is accessible. However, this power can only be passed down by Rah himself as well, it is a pity that he is currently deceased, his own son killed him due to the immense power struggle shortly after he woke up from his million years of slumber." The scholar's face is then filled with disappointment, feeling as if he didn't stand a chance at gaining such an ability. "Is there anyway for someone not of Ether Six and the lineage grasp this power?" The old man chuckles as his entire frame begins to hover off of the marble flooring, suddenly shooting off into the darkness with immense speed as powerful winds are generated from the speed alone. The scholar shouts out, calling to the old and while running deeper into the ruins, quickly running up marble steps to suddenly end up at the entrance of the ruins. Pacing out of the entrance, he gazes to his left to see a woman scolding a toddler as she shouts to him, "Wait till I tell your father that you tried to run into the Ruins!" The scholar's eyes narrow to the scene, as his hands begin to shake which cause a small pocket journal to slip from inside his sleeve into the grass, the journal having the name 'Mythras Ixtli' carved on it's hard surface.


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